Uganda: Museveni Issues Directive On Rubbish in the Country

President Museveni has said he is tired of seeing stockpiles of rubbish whenever he is driving around Kampala and some of the up-country towns.

He has therefore issued an Executive Order regarding scattering rubbish in the open, putting a six months ultimatum.

“Whenever I drive around Kampala and in some upcountry towns, I notice piles of rubbish (Kasasiro) scattered around in the open. This is not acceptable, and, within six months must end,” the directive issued on April 9th states.

President Museveni now wants that every town in Uganda creates a rubbish collection point at every 200-meter point without fail, which must be emptied every three (3) days at the very least without fail or according to volumes.

“Within a year, every Urban Authority ( City, Municipality or Town), must ensure that there is a plan for recycling that waste so that the dumping sites do not become mountains of rubbish,” Museveni states.

He says he wants plastics recycled into new-use forms, organic wastes into manure and waste paper into things like toilet paper.

“What to do with broken glass and old clothing? Get ideas please,” he directs.

“We need clean and inviting urban centres,” he added.

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