Ethiopia: Foreign Investors Invited to Engage in Ethiopia’s Lucrative Irrigation, Livestock Development

Addis Ababa — Minister of Irrigation and Lowland Development, Aisha Mohammed called on foreign investors to engage in irrigation and livestock development activities in Ethiopia as the country is endowed with untapped opportunities in the sectors.

At Invest Ethiopia 2023 forum of its first-day afternoon session, three parallel sessions were held in the investment opportunities of major sectors including agriculture and irrigation developments.

In her presentations on the vast investment opportunities of irrigation development in Ethiopia, Minister of Irrigation and Lowland Development, Aisha Mohammed mentioned the activities being carried out by the government to expand modern irrigation development schems in order to strengthen the agricultural productivity and ensure food security of the country.

The nation has given utmost priority for the expansion of irrigation considering the existing vast potential for development in Ethiopia and mitigate the negative impacts of climate change, the minister pointed out.

Accordingly, the government of Ethiopia has been taking vital policy measures with a view to realizing effective irrigation development activities across the country, she said.

Aisha said Ethiopia is endowed with more than 10 to 20 million hectares of irrigable land, however, she added that the nation has only been able to develop less than 10 percent of this potential.

Hence, the Minister stated that activities are underway to expand irrigation development schemes being carried out on small size farming lands to large agricultural lands in order to increase productivity.

In parallel to these efforts, she called up on foreign investors to engage in large irrigation development projects.

She particularly stressed the need for foreign investors to engage in Ethiopia in the sector by introducing sustainable technologies which are suitable for the country’s ecology.

Aisha has also mentioned about Ethiopia’s potential of livestock, which is another lucrative sector for international inverters.

“There is also a huge potential to invest in animal fodder using different technologies as it is very good opportunity for international investors to invest on livestock and fodder. There are large scale irrigations schemes in these areas including the necessary lands and the huge livestock potential,” the Minister elaborated.

Minister of Water and irrigation, Habtamu Itefa for his parts stated that the price of electric power is very cheap in Ethiopia to enable the investors more competent and go to manufacturing of fertilizers as well.