Kenya: Govt to Audit Organs On Shakahola Victims to Rule Out Organ Harvesting

Nairobi — The Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor on Monday announced plans to audit organ count as postmortem examination for Shakahola cult victims to rule out organ harvesting.

Oduor made the announcement on Monday even as Kindiki said the government has nothing to hide from the public and would lay the facts bare if autopsies point to a possibility of organ harvesting.

“The scope of investigations will include an analysis on organs. If any of our people have their organs missing, we will tell the world,” Kindiki said after Oduor responded to media questions on the matter.

The CS promised accountability as autopsies on 109 bodies pulled out from mass graves got underway.

“There is nothing we are hiding that is the truth and we will have to find out why those organs are missing who took them, where did they take.”

The victims are linked to the starvation cult led by controversial televangelist Paul Mackenzie of the Good News International Church who is accused of driving his followers to starve to death as the only path to God.

DNA analysis

Oduor said government pathologists will be collaborating with the Red Cross, which has set up a tracing station where family members who have reported missing persons submit DNA samples that can aid in identifying the deceased relatives.

“For the DNA issue, there is a process that is running concurrently with the Red Cross team who have establish tracing center where once the relatives who have reported their people missing are identified, they will go and provide their DNA at the government chemist,” he said.