Rwanda: Meet Director Tn Zethy – Rwanda’s Rising Music Video Director

In the bustling music scene of Rwanda, there is a new director making waves with his creative vision and exceptional skills. Meet Iyaremye Barthez, also known as Director Tn Zethy, a 21-year-old music video director who is rapidly taking the industry by storm.

Born and raised in Gisozi, Kigali, Iyaremye has always been passionate about the arts. He found his inspiration in the works of Nigerian director Tg Omori, whose style he admired and wanted to bring to Rwanda’s music scene.

“I learned a lot from him, especially through his work, ideas, set design, and generally his editing process,” he said.

With a desire to bring change to the quality of music videos in Rwanda, Iyaremye started his video directing career in 2020.

He was drawn to the emerging subgenre of hip-hop called Drill, which has become popular among the youth.

Iyaremye’s work speaks for itself, and he has become known for his off-the-top music videos that stand out with their unique lighting, effects, and cinematography.

He has directed some of the most viral projects in the Rwandan music scene, including “Umwanda” by Zeotrap, “Top 10” by Dylan Flex and Dr. Nganji, “Umutima” by Bruce The 1st & Kenny K-shot, “Tugendee” by Bruce The 1st and Ish Kevin, “Sim Card” by Jumpy Boyz, “Flex” by Madaggy, “6ixty 9ine” by Boy Chopper and many others.

Recently, he served as the lead director and editor of popular Rwandan rapper Ish Kevin’s newest single, “Saga,” featuring French ryhmer SK.