Seychelles to Open New Centre for Excellence in Technology for Secondary Students

Seychelles is introducing a new Centre for Excellence in Technology to give secondary students, with more interest in technology enterprise rather than in academic studies, a better chance to excel in fisheries, agriculture, construction, food technology, transportation, and engineering, amongst others.

The new school for TVET – Technical and Vocational Education and Training – and technology studies will become operational as of January 2024.

It will be based in the current Perseverance Secondary School opened in 2018 on a man-made island adjacent to the main island of Mahe. The centre will accommodate students from all over Seychelles for secondary four and secondary five levels. As a result, other students from secondary one up to secondary three currently studying at the Perseverance Secondary School, will next year be accommodated at neighbouring secondary schools.

The director general for TVET and entrepreneurship at the Ministry of Education, Jean Alcindor, said that the school would lessen the pressure which exists on public secondary schools and will allow for better management of resources.

“Currently, we have the pathway of secondary general education and skills development and it is these students who are doing the TVET content or technology enterprise and they have a big interest in practicals,” explained Alcindor in an interview on Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation TV recently.

Alcindor added that even though the centre will cater to mostly non-academic students, students with IGCSEs or who have the potential to do their IGCSEs but who have a passion for technology can join the centre.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training was introduced in secondary schools in 2011 and was intended to integrate the different aspects of education and training, vocational and general education, skills development and career orientation.

To ensure the success of this centre for excellence, the Ministry of Education will be working closely with the China-Africa TVET Alliance through the signing of a memorandum of understanding.

“We will be sending seven trainers, in May, June and July we will have a cohort who will travel to China, they will be going to Shandong, a province which specializes in TVET and technology. Upon their return, another cohort will depart in September, October, and November,” explained Alcindor.