Kenya: Hundred of Pastor Ezekiel’s Supporters at Shanzu Law Courts Ahead of His Arraignment

Mombasa — Hundreds of Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s supporters have thronged at the Shanzu Law Courts ahead of his arraignment.

Pastor Odero of the New Life Prayer Centre and Churchis due to appear before the court over his alleged links to the Shakahola Forest cult massacre.

He had been arrested by detectives in Kilifi in connection with the series of deaths at his church.

Coast Regional Commissioner Rhodah Onyancha told journalists Thursday that Pastor Odero was apprehended in Mavueni area on the allegations of the deaths that have been occurring at his premises and reported in various morgues and/or institutions.

Onyancha stated that the government has since shut down his prayer center.

“We are urging and giving information to the public that that prayer has been closed down and whoever was in there has been cleared out,” she said.

The RC pointed out that the preacher is being driven to Mombasa for further questioning.

The arrest comes a day after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives questioned the preacher who commands huge following over the alleged indoctrination of members.

It comes at a time when the country is reeling from the shock of the discovery of bodies at Kilifi’s Shakahola forest.

On Wednesday the number of victims linked to a suspected starvation cult led by Pastor Paul Mackenzie climbed to 98 as weeping relatives anxiously awaited news of loved ones after investigators unearthed mass graves last week.

The discovery of dozens of bodies buried in Shakahola forest near the coastal town of Malindi shocked Kenyans, with cult leader Mackenzie accused of driving his followers to death by preaching that starvation was the only path to God.

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