Kenya Kwanza Team on IEBC Talks Accuse Odinga of Interfering With Process

Nairobi — The Kenya Kwanza Alliance bi-partisan team has accused Azimio Leader Raila Odinga of interfering with the talks urging him to give the talks a chance for the sake of the country.

Tharaka Member of Parliament George Murugara who leads the team lamented that the Azimio bi-partisan team has remained non-committal to allow a chance for dialogue insisting that talks cannot go hand in hand with protests.

“There can’t be dialogue simultaneous with protest. The two cannot go together hand in hand either we have talks or they demonstrate,” Murugara said.

Murugara pointed out that they had engaged the Azimio team to resume the talks today but the Azimio team insisted that until their reservations are addressed, they will not attend the talks.

The Opposition Coalition had raised reservation over the inclusion of Eldas MP Adan Keynan in the Kenya Kwanza Alliance team as he belongs to Jubilee Party, which is an affiliate party of the Azimio Coalition.

“We had sent an invitation to Azimio side to resume to talks today but Otiende has responded saying they have reservations that they won’t honor the invite,” he stated.

“But we are not giving up we are prepared to bend over and over to make this a success,” Tharaka MP.

Senate Majority Whip Bonny Khalwale claimed that the reservations raised by the Azimio Coalition has stalled the talks yet their team was already willing to initiate the talks.

“I would like to appeal to Raila for the sake of this country and peace he should allow his committee to talks with us. He should stop directing them, we are not going to fight, it will be an issue of mind and where they think we have overwhelmed they fall back to him later,” said Khalwale.

The Kakamega Senator told Odinga that the slated demonstrations will not iron out the stalemate between the two opposing sides advising him to allow the bi-partisan team to sort out the issue.

“There should be no reason to fear, whether they like it or not they can go for demos today, next week and every week. What will bring sanity in this country is not demos, its talks,” the Majority Whip stated.

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