Kenya: Pastor Ezekiel’s Lawyers File Petition to Stop His Detention

Mombasa — Pastor Ezekiel Odero has now filed an application seeking to stop the court from detaining him for thirty days to allow investigations into his links with the Shakahola forest cult massacre.

His lawyers Cliff Ombeta and Danstan Omari, Shadrack Wambui and Jared Magolo, filed a new application seeking the court to stop the delivery of its ruling, saying they deserve a chance to be heard again.

“We have filed an application which essentially seeks to arrest the ruling that is set to be delivered at 2 pm today,” said Wambui.

“The gist of the application is that the DCI approached the court using a sworn affidavit that make very wild and unsubstantiated allegations. So as a very good response to the allegations, we have equally put in an affidavit that seeks to respond blow by blow in every single issue that has been raised in the DCI affidavit.”

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