Kenya: City Hall Mapping Out Storm Water Drainage to Ease Low

Nairobi — The Nairobi County Government has mapped out drainage hot spots to enable better flow of water to the local streams and rivers to ease movement.

The Environment Sector is leading this process and is currently working hand in hand with the Mobility and Works sector, as well as Enforcement to identify the hotspots and assign teams to unblock these drainages across all sub-counties.

According to Environment Chief Officer Hibrahim Otieno, “The hotspot identification will greatly help the County Government ensure minimal destruction of property and ensure the city cleanliness is maintained at all times.”

He stated that he exercise will further support Nairobi’s drainage system, which is severely inadequate even in non-emergencies.

This has so far pushed the Nairobi City County Government to identify stormwater drainage hot spots throughout the city in order to facilitate improved water flow to the nearby streams and rivers.

Environment County Chief Officer Hibrahim Otieno noted the process is currently underway to identify the hotspots and assign teams to unblock these drainages across all sub-counties.

“Through this mapping out we hope to increase residents’ awareness about the connection between the storm drains, and the storm sewer system. Most people do not understand that storm drains are the entry point into the storm sewer system, and that storm water runoff leaving the system does not get treated first like sanitary wastewater,” he said

This comes after Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja guaranteed city residents of the cleaning following a meeting with all waste management contractors and Environmental Management Officers (EMOs) at Charter Hall.

During the meeting, held last week, Sakaja assured the construction of a new weighbridge and recarpeting of leading roads to the Dandora dumpsite to ease mobility for trucks.

He further stated the County would bring on board 3,500 youths to assist in cleaning the city.

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