Kenya: President Ruto Mourns Mukami Kimathi as Pillar of Mau Mau Freedom Struggle

Nairobi — President William Ruto has paid tribute to Mukami Kimathi, heroine of Kenya’s independence struggle and widow of Field Marshall Dedan Kimathi.

Mukami died on Thursday night at the Nairobi Hospital aged 101.

President Ruto said Mama Mukami was part of the history of Kenya’s freedom.

“Mama Mukami Kimathi courageously withstood the brutality of colonial oppression, proudly wore the scars of battle, and bore the terrible losses of war with admirable fortitude.”

The President praised her resilience even after her husband was executed by the colonial administration.

“After winning the war for independence, Mama Mukami was left behind to fend for her children in the absence of Field Marshall Kimathi. In her characteristic way, she also won this battle.”

The President said Mukami’s contribution did not end at Independence.

“Mukami Kimathi was a steadfast patriot and well-known champion for national unity who inspired many Kenyans of all ages to cherish our country and stand ready to defend our values, ” he said in his tribute.

“On behalf of my family and the people of Kenya, I convey my condolences to the family of our departed heroine, Mukami Kimathi. May God rest her soul in everlasting peace.” – Presidential Communication Service

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