East Africa: United Nations Secretary General Guterres Praises Kenya’s Role in Fostering Regional Peace

Nairobi — United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has praised the role played by Kenya in fostering regional peace.

Guterres said UN appreciates Kenya’s role in Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia and Sudan in the search for lasting peace.

He said UN will continue to support efforts being done by Kenya, IGAD and Africa Union in ensuring cessation of hostilities between the two warring groups in Sudan over the country’s leadership.

“Your clear leadership direction in collaboration with AU and IGAD to address the challenges facing Sudan is commendable, ” said Mr Guterres.

Guterres made the remarks at State House, Nairobi, during a banquet dinner hosted for him and United Nations Chief Executive Board on Wednesday evening by President William Ruto.

He also lauded the efforts by Kenya in the fight against climate change.

Guterres noted that taking urgent action to combat climate change and its devastating impacts is necessary to save lives and livelihood.

“It’s better for countries to share resources than fighting alone issues to do with climate change,” said Mr Guterres.

President Ruto said Kenya recognizes the critical role of the United Nations

in promoting global cooperation supporting sustainable development, and addressing global challenges.

“Kenya is a crucial partner of the UN in multiple sectors, including implementing Agenda 2030, supporting the United Nations operations in the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes region in addressing complex global challenges such as climate change, environmental degradation, biodiversity loss and food insecurity among others,” President Ruto said.

He said he was confident that the Executives Coordination Board (CEB) meeting will strengthen the role of the United Nations in delivering its global mandate.