Ethiopia: Girma Yeshitila, Amhara Prosperity Party Head Shot Dead

Addis Abeba — Head of the ruling Prosperity Party, Amhara region branch Girma Yeshitila shot dead sources confirmed to Addis Standard.

The specifics of the killing are yet to emerge but Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed tweeted that the party official was killed by “violent extremists who believe that he [Girma] shouldn’t have a different idea from ours”. The PM also hinted that he was killed where he was born and grew up.

Girma was at the center of the government’s controversial decision to abolish the regional special forces and “reorganize” them into national army, federal and regular police. He said the mass protests seen in the Amhara region in opposition to the decision were the result of poor leadership on the part of the task force commissioned with reorganizing the special forces in the region.

According to him, the responsible reorganizing team was unable to adequately notify the public about the reorganization plan, and the media concentrated on disseminating political sabotage and inaccurate information irrelevant to the actual picture of the plan.

In his statement denouncing the killing of Girma, PM Abiy said it was an act of “ultimate extremism.”

The PM said that Girma was a victim of those who could not overcome differences of thoughts with their thoughts and that they “have stolen the soul of our brother.” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed expressed his grief over the death of Girma. In a statement posted on his social media pages, the Prime Minister also said that Girma’s killing came at a time when resolving differences in a civilized manner is a culture. He blamed the perpetrators as those who espoused “ultimate extremism” to try to persuade everyone who disagrees with them “with a gun” and have committed this “shameful and horrible act.”