Kenya: Judiciary is Broken and Chief Justice is Clueless – Grand Mullah

Prominent lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has taken a swipe at the Judiciary, describing it as a “broken system”.

The lawyer popularly known as Grand Mullah tweeted his frustrations Tuesday, saying 80 per cent or more of cases listed on a daily basis do not proceed due to flimsy reasons.

“In a typical day in our courts, 80% of the cases listed on the daily cause list do not proceed to a hearing for a variety of reasons including…the judge is sick, is on leave, is attending a workshop, has traveled overseas, took kids to school up country, was transferred from station, cause list is too long, don’t have enough judges…etc. Broken system. And CJ KOOME is TRANSPARENTLY CLUELESS,” he said.

Several other lawyers have always raised concerns on delayed cases that end up taking years to conclude despite the Judiciary’s assurance on acceleration.

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