Kenya: We Won’t Amend Even a Coma in Proposed 2023 Finance Bill, Cherargei Declares

Nairobi — Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei now says the proposed Finance Bill 2023 will be passed without amendments as suggested by the Opposition.

The Nandi Senator pointed out that the government has only two options; either borrow more or raise its own revenue through taxation.

He took a swipe at Azimio leader Raila Odinga for failing to raise any objection over the ballooning debt during the former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime terming his current opposition to the tax regime as “hypocritical.”

“On the FINANCE BILL 2023, the decision to pass by Parliament is NOT optional where even coma shall not be amended be because we either borrow more or raise our own revenue through taxation. The serious public debt of 10T was put by Handshake govt of Uhuru/ Tinga that the Kenyans are paying heavily now,” Cherargei said.

Odinga has vowed to rally his troops to oppose the proposed Finance Bill in Parliament.

“Tinga did not raise an objection in handshake govt yet he was senior advisor to Uhuru then this hypocrisy should stop,” he said.

Cherargei’s statement comes a day after Odinga described plans by the Kenya Kwanza government to raise taxes as punishment to Kenyans.

Odinga argued that despite Ruto’s promise to lessen the burden of low-income earners, he has made the situation even worse.

“The Bill is a promissory note to strangle and suffocate the hustlers from whose necks Ruto promised to remove the rope,” he said.

Additionally, Odinga said Azimio lawmakers will not spare efforts to ensure President William Ruto’s tax proposals under the Finance Bill 2023 which he labeled as “anti-people” do not sail through in the National Assembly.

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