Rwanda: Harmonize Reveals Dating Rwandan Socialite Yolo the Queen

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has announced that he is in love with Rwandan socialite known as Yolo The Queen on different social media platforms.

This is after the singer publicized his ‘singlehood’ and even released a track dubbed ‘Single Again’ after splitting with Tanzanian actress, Fridah Kajala.

Harmonize, via Instagram, announced that his new Rwandan girlfriend is the inspiration behind the remix of Element’s Kashe which he featured on. The remix is the reason why Bruce Melodie, Element and Couch Gael visited Tanzania last month.

“I remember you even inspired the remix, love you Phiona. Don’t let anyone stress you when I’m still alive,” the singer wrote on Instagram, adding that he is no longer single.

Phiona who is popularly known as Yolo the Queen, is said to be one of the most successful socialites in Rwanda who has captured the attention of many celebrities including Canadian rapper Drake.

Yolo has become Harmonize’s girlfriend just months after the artiste had a messy split with Tanzanian actress Fridah Kajala.

Harmonize expressed his determination to strengthen their bond by purchasing a house in Kigali where the girlfriend resides.

Despite the flowery introduction, a section of his fans believe the singer is just clout-chasing with the Rwandan socialite before he drops a new tune.

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