Sudan Activists ‘Reject Both Warlords, Call for Participation in Peace Talks’

Khartoum — While representatives of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) commanded by Lt Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) headed by Lt Gen Mohamed ‘Hemedti’ Dagao began ‘pre-negotiation talks’ in Saudi Arabia yesterday, many Sudanese activists reject both warring parties.

The resistance committees active in the neighbourhoods of eastern Khartoum said in a press statement on Tuesday that the usual “binary position (with/against the army/ militia), does not concern us as civilians in anything”.

According to the resistance committees, “the two positions express a direct interest for each of the parties to the conflict in power,” while “our position necessarily favours the only one affected by this war, the Sudanese people – whom the conflicting parties are attempting to get on their side and their allies, in order to gain popular and political support.

“The most important position now is the preservation of people’s lives and their livelihood, peace and security, and access to basic services.”


Jonathan Hutson, a strategic communications professional, who served as the architect of the Satellite Sentinel Project launched in 2010 to monitor “mass atrocities in Sudan”, confirmed the view of the Khartoum East Resistance Committees in a tweet yesterday.

Based on information from “reliable sources in Sudan, political parties, resistance committees, women’s organisations, trade unions & human rights defenders,” he states that “Sudanese civil society leaders reject both warlords [..], no matter who wins this unjust war.