Kenya: Let’s Work Together to Reduce Death Rates in Kisii – Governor Arati

Kisii — Kisii Governor Simba Arati has urged Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) to play a crucial role in improving health outcomes and reducing death rates in the region

While addressing at least more than 3,000 community health care volunteers, the governor said community health volunteers have made significant contributions in accessing remote parts of the region to serve as the first line of defense in detecting and addressing health care issues.

Arati paid the CHVs a stipend of Sh4,000 each for January and February this year and hailed them for their passion in advocating for hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, and family planning.

“Our CHVs have also gone out to raise awareness and promote healthy behaviors, they can help prevent the spread of diseases and reduce mortality rates,” said Arati.

He further noted that CHVs have been trained to identify early signs and symptoms of common diseases, such as malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and maternal complications. By conducting regular health screenings and assessments, they can identify individuals at risk and refer them to appropriate healthcare facilities for timely treatment.

Most of the CHVs who are Women are educating young women about prenatal care, safe delivery practice

es, and postnatal care for both mothers and newborns. They have also promoted immunizations, growth monitoring, and nutrition programs to ensure the well-being of children.

“We have seen our CHVs mobilizing community members to actively participate in healthcare initiatives. organizing health campaigns, community meetings, and workshops to promote health-seeking behavior, encourage health facility utilization, and address any prevailing health concerns.

The CHVs are working closely with healthcare professionals and local authorities to implement disease prevention and control strategies such as distributing mosquito nets to prevent malaria, promoting vaccination programs, conducting awareness campaigns on HIV/AIDS prevention, and advocating for safe water and sanitation practices.

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