Uganda: Government Officials Are Worried About the Emerging Culture of Celebrating the Death of Their Colleagues

Government officials have expressed concern over the strange emerging culture of celebrating the death of other people, especially their colleagues by a section of Ugandans.

These made the expressions during the parliament session to eulogize the former State Minister for Labor Charles Okello Engola Macodwogo on Tuesday.

The Speaker of Parliament Annet Among labelled as uncultured and immoral, the acts of celebrating the death of other people.

“It is very immoral and uncultured to celebrate the death of anyone because you hold divergent views,” she said.

Lt Gen James Mugira, UPDF’s representative in Parliament also castigated sections of Ugandans on social media for the provocative “silly jokes” regarding the death of officials.

“I condemn in the strongest terms possible, the insensitive, provocative and silly jokes on social media, celebrating and making fun of the circumstances surrounding the tragic death in cold blood,” Lt Gen Mugira said.

The Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Norbert Mao said that members have a responsibility to respond to the outrage being expressed whenever the people’s reasonable expectations are ignored.

Engola was shot last week by one of his guards Private Wilson Sabiiti while he prepared to go to work. Sabiiti would later seek refuge at a salon nearby and allegedly turn the gun on himself.

In the wake of his death, Engola was mocked by among others, vlogger Ibrahim Tusibira alias Isma Olaxes Jajja Ichuli on social media, unfortunately for him, Olaxes would later be shot to death from the same radius just days later.