Uganda: Museveni Makes Appeal to CID Officers On Fighting Crime

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has underscored the need to strengthen peace and security in order for Uganda to continue achieving the desired socio-economic transformation.

While delivering a lecture of opportunity to 67 police officers under the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) at State House – Entebbe, the president noted that insecurity retards development because businesses cannot thrive.

“If there’s rampant crime, there will be no socio-economic transformation. We must have peace and a crime free society. If there’s crime and insecurity, investors cannot come here because the cost of doing business is very high. CID officers have got a very critical role in shaping socio-economic transformation,” Museveni said.

He gave an example of areas in Kampala like Munyonyo and Kansanga, where people from all walks of life who ran away from their unstable countries are now running successful businesses in Uganda because of the prevailing peace.

“These people are wealth creators and need peace, so they do not run away to take their businesses elsewhere.”

He reminded the officers to always do their work keeping in mind the ideology of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) that is anchored on the four principles of patriotism, Pan-Africanism, socio-economic transformation and democracy.

“This little war is against thieves, and you can deal with them, but you must start by being clean yourselves.”

The president further noted that the only way Africa can have a prosperous life is to engage in production of a good or a service and sell it and not through begging.