Kenya: I Lied to Police About the Gun, Jowie Says as Evidence Places Him at Scene of Monica Kimani’s Murder

Nairobi — Jacque Maribe’s ex-boyfriend Joseph Irungu alias Jowie has admitted in court that he lied to police over the ownership of a pistol he was found in possession of when he was arrested.

Jowie, who is accused alongside Maribe of killing businesswoman Monica Kimani told a trial court Thursday that the gun belonged to his friend and neighbour-Brian Kasaine.

At the time of his arrest, and when asked to explain the circumstances under which he shot himself in the chest, Jowie was cagey about gun ownership and even claimed that he was shot by thugs.

But on Thursday, he told trial magistrate Grace Nzioka that Kasaine had given him the gun on ground that he often had quarrels with his wife and did want to have the firearm with him in the house.

He further said that the gun went off and doscharged a bullet on his chest.

The accused, while being cross-examined by State Prosecutor Gakui Gichui, admitted that he lied to the police that he was shot by thugs.

He said that he gave false information because he was not licensed to hold a firearm.

He said that at the time the gun went off, Maribe his co-accused was not present.

He further admitted that items collected from his house by the police belonged to him, which included brown khaki shorts.

The brown khaki shorts, according to the prosecution had blood stains and upon being subjected to forensic examination, the results showed blood belonged to Monica Kimani.

Despite the accused denying that he did not know Monica, the prosecution produced videos, phone calls and photos showing his movements on the fateful day and three other people he spoke to including a phone contact registered under Monica Kimani’s name.

One of the videos produced by the prosecutor showed the accused holding a gun.

Irungu and Maribe are charged with the murder of Monica in which they were out on their defense after the prosecution closed its case.

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