Kenya: Muturi Urges Lawmakers to Seal Legal Loopholes to Curb Cultic Organizations

Nairobi — Attorney General Justin Muturi has called for an urgent intervention by lawmakers to seal legal and enforcement loopholes blamed for the proliferation of dark doctrines that have seen masses brainwashed.

Muturi who appeared before the Senate ad-hoc committee on Wednesday told senators that the regularization of emerging churches has been an insurmountable task due to the “absolute law” in place.

“Parliament has a part to be blamed because we have an absolute law and obviously it’s my expectation that Parliamentarians in both houses have access to this law and have seen its weakness,” he said.

The Attorney General stated that the office of the Registrar of Societies has initiated a legislative proposal dubbed the Association Bill which is yet to go through public participation to address emerging challenges.

“We must accept that things have changed and we change this law. Help us to change the law because its not fit for purpose,” Muturi stated.

He told Senators that the current law has glaring loopholes in terms of monitoring and enforcement which has exposed the public to cultic organizations initially registered as religious units.

“The Registrar of Societies based in Nairobi one must be an angel to have a reasonable belief that something is happening in a bush in Shakhahola. In fact she wasn’t aware that the gentleman moved from Malindi to Mtwapa,” he noted.

Effective oversight

Muturi made the comment even as Registrar of Societies Maria Goretti Nyaraki called for reforms to give her office a presense at the grassroots.