Tanzania: How Isles Govt Transforms Health Sector

Zanzibar — ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Mwinyi has said that his government is taking various measures to improve the health sector and workers welfare with the aim of increasing efficiency.

Addressing nurses here on Friday to commemorate the International Nurses Day, Dr Mwinyi said that his government is strengthening the health sector through budgetary improvement and construction of district and regional hospitals.

He said the isles government is also carrying out major renovation of health facilities in Unguja and Pemba.

The government through the Ministry of Health has started employing nurses to address the shortage of the professionals, pledging to employ more in the next financial year.

Dr Mwinyi further said that the government has also increased the number of employment posts for medical doctors and other workers in the health sector and facilitate training programme to upgrade their skills and increase efficiency.

He further said that the government is also working hard to purchase modern medical equipment, calling upon nurses and other health workers to support the government in its endeavour to provide better services to the citizens.

Dr Mwinyi called upon nurses and midwives to collaborate with other cadres in the sector in order to strengthen the provision of health services to citizens.

“In order to succeed in provision of better health services, the cooperation with other cadres such as medical doctors, pharmacists, laboratory technologists and attendants is a must and crucial,” Dr Mwinyi said.

In a related development, Dr Mwinyi directed the Ministry of Health and other respective bodies to address the challenges raised by the nurses at the colourful event.

The nurses, through their leader, Ms Saida Kheri Hamad, said despite improved working environment lack of uniform, allowance, in-charge of supervision, shortage of nurses, and support for further studies have been frustrating them.

In response, President Mwinyi directed the Health ministry authorities led by Deputy Minister Mr Hassan Hafidh Khamis to allocate budget for allowances for nurses and supervisors, including availing uniforms because it is within their reach.

“Actually I had already advised to implement the nurses’ prayers.”

Dr Mwinyi also directed respective authorities to ensure nurses get scholarships for further studies, while the government struggles to further improve the working environment in all health facilities and hospitals.

He also promised to increase the number of nurses by employing new nurses in the next financial year.

“We appreciate the role played by the nurses, and thanks to the volunteers in the profession. I am happy to learn that nurses have been provided with guidelines, let us support them including providing them with opportunities for further education,” he said.

Deputy Minister Mr Khamis praised the nurses for the good work and the President for his efforts in improving the health care services in the Islands of Unguja and Pemba,

According to the deputy minister, ordinary people in the Isles have been testifying acknowledging getting access to essential medicines and other services in hospitals.

He promised that the few unethical nurses, tarnishing the good image of the profession, will not be spared.

Zanzibar Nurse Association (ZANA) Chairperson, Dr Rukia Rajab also promised to take serious action against nurses who go against the professional ethics and code of conduct.