Uganda: Museveni Blames Army For Shooting Death of Minister Engola

President Kaguta Museveni has expressed disappointment with Uganda People’s Defence Forces, saying State Minister Col. (Rtd) Charles Okello Engola’s shooting is an embarrassment for the army.

President Museveni made the above remark during the state funeral service in honor of the late Minister of State for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations Col (Rtd) Charles Okello Engola ‘Macodwogo’ at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds in Kampala.

“This is a very big embarrassment for the army that somebody they deployed to guard a youthful cadre ended up killing him. I am very annoyed to see that such a good cadre could die at the hands of somebody produced by our system,” said Museveni.

He urged mourners not to reduce the cause of death of the late Minister to low pay in the army, adding that only the final death report will direct authorities on the course of action.

Visibly bitter, the President expressed his disappointment with politicians and civil servants involved in bribes or corruption, warning them that very soon he will crack his whip; beginning with Northern Uganda and later the Greater Masaka sub region.

“We must examine and get rid of our weaknesses to avoid death,” President Museveni emphasised.

He further implored the army to settle its own scores, saying that the army will have to sort out its own reversible problems using the available channels on conflict management.

The president also urged soldiers to exploit the services offered by Wazalendo, and the available health and education centres in the barracks to better their quality of life.