Ethiopia: Activities Being Carried Out to Produce Air Pollution Free Aviation Fuel in Ethiopia – Ethiopian Airlines

Addis Ababa — Ethiopian Airlines Group said activities are being carried out to produce air-pollution-free aviation fuel, according to the Ethiopian Airlines Group, Board Chair, Girma Wake.

Ethiopian is in a position to achieve the commitment set by ICAO to fly net zero emission by 2050, it was indicated.

Ethiopian Airlines Group Board Chairman, Girma Wake said that theAirlines is adopting modern practices by following changing circumstances of the aviation industry.

Accordingly, a study has been completed to locally produce air pollution free aviation fuel, he said.

Girma added that consultation with the government and the private sector with a view to taking practical action is underway.

The Boeing Company, Airbus and IATA are providing support to us, he said.

“The study was completed and we want to expand it with relevant government and private stakeholders. The aircrafts that have come out lately are using it, which means it’s definitely something that can be distributed around the world. In Ethiopia, there are many things that can be used for that production. It’s a matter of producing at the factory level. We want individuals, government organizations, and us to come together and let Ethiopia get there first, without being left behind. Hopefully, we’ll be there before 2050. The government is working on it. Boeing is helping us, Airbus is helping us, and so we believe we will get there.”

Ethiopian Airlines Group, CEO Mesfin Tassew on his part stated that activities have been initiated to produce air pollution-free fuel in the country.