Ethiopia: Prime Minister Abiy Stresses the Need to Boost Agricultural Export Trade By Increasing Productivity

Addis Ababa — : Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stressed the need to ensure food security and increase export trade by boosting agricultural productivity.

The premier has today launched the Agriculture and Science exhibition at Science Museum in Addis Ababa under the theme “From the lab to the field.”

During the occasion, he said Ethiopia is amongst the top African countries in coffee, wheat, livestock, and recently honey production, adding that due attention should be given to quality products so as to gain foreign earnings.

The Premier emphasized the need to focus on innovative science and technology to transform the agricultural sector.

Noting that agriculture is the foundation for the existence of human beings, he stressed the need to support the sector with the necessary technologies with a view to boosting productivity and export trade.

The agriculture and Science exhibition inaugurated today plays a pivotal contribution to strengthening the development of the sector as it demonstrates the links between agricultural development with information technologies and mechanization, he underlined.

Abiy called all to visit the Agriculture and Science exhibition that will be open for public viewing for consecutive weeks starting tomorrow.

The exhibition, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with Ethio Telecom, aims at promoting the role of technologies in transforming the agricultural sector and improving production and productivity in a sustainable manner.

The exhibition is expected to create awareness among farmers and pastoralists, youth, students researchers as well as investors on the role of science and technology to improve production and productivity and realize sustainable development.

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