Somalia: Interpol Helps Arrest of Ex-Somali Police Officer Accused of Murder

Mogadishu — Interpol has helped the Somali government in the capture of a police officer who was on the run after he killed an officer within the police last year, 2022.

The state media confirmed that police with the support of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) managed to arrest Zakariye Ali Ahmed Osobow in South Sudan.

Zakariye Ali Ahmed Osobow was brought back to Mogadishu, to face justice for the murder of Ali Hassan Siyad alias Ali Tareen in July last year in Deynile district after an argument.

An aircraft ferrying the suspect touched down at Mogadishu airport on Monday from Juba, South Sudan, according to the officials. Osobow is set to be arraigned in court shortly.

“The public should know that anyone who commits such a crime within the country can be arrested from anywhere in the world, no one can escape justice,” said Sadiq Doodishe, Somali police spokesman.

Reports say it took about one year for the Somali police to detain the fugitive who was at large since a red alert was issued last year. INTERPOL played a significant role in the arrest.

This shows that the power of the Somali police is getting stronger and has now its hands reached abroad to catch criminals fleeing from the country after committing offenses.

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