Uganda: Over 4,000 Prisons Junior Officers Promoted

The Uganda Prisons Service has announced the general promotions of a total of 4,329 junior officers to various ranks.

According to the commissioner of prisons, Frank Baine, the promotions were approved at the 30th prisons council meeting held between March 16-17, 2023.

The promotions have seen 151 officers promoted to the rank of Principle Officer 1 (PO1), 32 to the rank of Principle Officer II (POII), 92 to Chief Warder/ Wardress I (ChWdr I), 198 to Chief Warder/wardress II (ChWdr II) and 400 to the rank of Chief Warder/Wardress III (ChWdr III).

Others are; 800 promoted to Sergeant Warder/Matron (Sgt Wdr/ Mat) and 1,640 promoted to the rank of Corporal Warder/Assistant Matron (Cpl Wdr/Ass. Mat).

Meanwhile, 1,016 have been promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal (L/Cpl Wdr).

Baine urged those not promoted, to work harder so that they can qualify in the next round of promotions.

“Officers are urged to work harder for future prospects. There are still opportunities for those who did not qualify. Discipline and hardwork will have you included in the next round of promotions,” Baine urged.

The latest promotions come days after a total of 141 senior prisons officers were elevated to different ranks by President Yoweri Museveni.

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