Somalia: Puntland Opposition Calls for the Cancellation of the Local Elections

Garowe — Puntland Opposition alliance issued a statement regarding the dispute over the local council election after a two-day consultative conference in Garowe.

The press release said the leaders discussed the general political situation in Puntland and their concerns about the process of the May 25 one-person, one-vote polls.

The forum called for the cancellation of the elections, which they warned could lead to a political and security crisis in Somalia’s oldest and most stable Federal State.

The forum also called for the amendment of the Puntland Constitution to be stopped and they described it as a move led by current leader Said Deni to score a political goal.

The opposition also warned the Federal Government of Somalia against interfering in the internal politics of Puntland amid a fallout between President Deni and Villa Somalia.

The tension has sparked clashes between security forces and troops loyal to the opposition outside Garowe on Monday night which could erupt in an all-out war in the state.

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