Kenya: UDA Will Remain Strong 100 Years From Now – DP Gachagua

Nairobi — Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has announced plans by the Kwanza government to create a significant movement under the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and turn it into what he described as a real political machine.

He said the political machine will be so strong to be around 100 years later.

Speaking in Nairobi during a meeting with 47 County coordinators of the party on Thursday, Gachagua said that every political party is allowed by law to sell its agenda to Kenyans without intimidation.

He dismissed accusations from the Opposition that it was out to destroy smaller parties by poaching leaders noting those joining are doing so willfully and that no one had been compromised.

“We are going to build a huge mass movement called UDA, a serious political machine that will be around for 100 years,” he said, “We are being accused of raiding other political parties, we are not, they are the ones coming to us and what they do not know is that Kenya is a democratic country and if a party knocks to join we open.”

Gachagua however, defended the move to begin an early popularization campaign saying that had President William Ruto not started his campaigns early, he would not be the president.

He added that the Kenya Kwanza government is committed to ensuring inclusivity in decision-making by facilitating continuous engagement and consultations.

“We want to have the elected party officials right from the ward to the national level and these officials will be part of the government reception team when the president comes to your county,” he said.

Gachagua urged the coordinators and leaders to consult with grassroots representatives to ensure the party grows and remains strong as it implements the Kenya Kwanza Plan.

He called on the elected leaders to be more consultative when making decisions.

The DP also stated that even as the Kenya Kwanza government works tirelessly to implement “The Plan”, it will also ensure proper governance in all sectors and leadership roles.

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