Somalia Intercepts Explosives Bound for Al-Shabaab

Mogadishu — Somalia’s Ministry of Security said two shipments bound for Al-Shabaab have been intercepted on Thursday at Mogadishu harbor and the airport.

In a press conference, Mohamed Ali Hagaa, who is the state minister for security said NISA has captured explosives belonging to al-Shabab militants hidden in commercial goods.

Hagaa added that 10 suspects, including businessmen holding government-issued licenses to import or export goods, have been arrested by the Intelligence Agency of Somalia.

“NISA managed to intercept explosive materials and military equipment concealed in a container carrying business products and the people who imported,” he said.

Continuing, the state minister added that four vehicles, intended to transport the smuggled weapons, were seized on the spot and confiscated by the security agencies.

He said the successful interceptions of these illegal arms shipments at both the port and airport demonstrate the vigilance and effectiveness of the Somali security forces.

The Somali government launched a military and financial war against Al-Shabaab last year with President Hassan Sheikh claiming he partially weakened the group’s capability.

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