Uganda: 17 Days Later, Sabiiti’s Body Still Missing

The family of the late Private Wilson Sabiiti is still stranded with burial arrangements for their son, 17 days after his death.

Following his death on May 2nd 2023, mourners and wellwishers gathered at Sabiiti’s home in Mubali Village, Kyererezi sub-county in Kabarole District to give him a befitting send-off.

However, the mourners have been dispersing one by one as each day goes by without sight of Sabiiti’s body or hearing any information regarding final burial arrangements.

Just like the mourners, the close family members of Sabiiti are also in the darkness regarding the whereabouts of the body and have no idea when they will indeed bury him.

According to a family source Nile Post contacted, most mourners have dispersed while the family now contemplates burying an object in the open grave to symbolise Sabiiti.

“The army is telling them that they are still investigating, no one knows how long this will take; a year, two years? And during that time what do we do with the grave and the family members?” a close family member and mourner told Nile Post.

It should be noted that the UPDF spokesperson Brig Gen Felix Kulayigye said that the army would not take part in the burial of Sabiiti.

Adding that their only involvement would be to deliver the body to his family and disband.

On the contrary, he said, the army would accord all the necessary respects to Col Engola, including a gun salute.

Also, the family of Col Engola has been demanding a blood settlement alias Matoput from that of Sabiiti, saying that this is a cultural prerequisite if a member of their clan dies at the hands of another person.

These state that the Matoput must be paid in the form of cows by Sabiiti’s family or clan members as an atonement of sorts, however, President Museveni has directed the UPDF to take care of that.

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