Kenya: Nairobi Water Board Picks New Chairperson At Inaugural Meeting

Nairobi — City Lawyer Arnold Karanja has been elected the new Chairman of Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC) following the inaugural board meeting held on Friday.

The meeting was held following the induction of the new board members who were named by Nairobi City County Governor Sakaja Johnson on 26 April 2023 for a period of three years.

Speaking during the closing of the induction he assured the Board and Management of NCWSC of his full support and challenged the team to be innovative and to find solutions to deliver services for the people of Nairobi.

“I have full confidence in this board. This is the right team and I know you are capable to serve the people of Nairobi. You are coming in at a very crucial time, a time when we must all work together, very closely, on issues around policy and financing so that every household in our city gets the clean water needed,” said Governor Sakaja.

The other board members include Beryl Okumu (Vice Chairman), Emmah Mukuhi Muthoni (Finance Committee). Cedric Alaro (Technical, Commercial & ICT Committee). Rose Esther

Wamuiya (Audit, Risk and Governance Committee) Johnstone Mukabwa (Human Resource Administration and Communication Committee) and Robow Mohamed Hassan.

The Chairman thanked his fellow members for voting for him unanimously and promised to work with his colleagues and the Company’s management to deliver for the residents of Nairobi.

“I am honored by the vote from my fellow board members and I assure you. Governor Sakaja, along with my fellow board of directors that we will serve diligently. Working closely with the management, we will serve the people of Nairobi and deliver on our mandate,” said Karanja.

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