Rwanda: Genocide Survivors Organise Mass in Honour of Wiped-Out Families

The Genocide Survivors’ Students Association (GAERG), in collaboration with Catholic members, organized a solemn Eucharistic Mass to pray for the 15,593 families who were completely wiped out during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Held at St. Michael Cathedral on May 20, the event brought together GAERG members, Catholic clergy, and faithful individuals with the aim of honoring the victims, offering prayers for their souls, and fostering healing and unity within the nation.

The Eucharistic Mass commenced with an opening prayer, invoking the memories of the victims and seeking divine intervention in the healing process.

A diverse congregation, representing different backgrounds and faiths, gathered with a shared determination to commemorate the lives lost and honor the resilience of those who survived.

A family is considered wiped out when both parents and all children are killed, leaving no one behind.

Cardinal Antoine Kambanda, the Archbishop of Kigali, commended GAERG members for their initiative and delivered an inspiring homily that emphasized the importance of forgiveness and unity in the face of unspeakable atrocities.

“This event is a significant action organized to reflect upon the families that were entirely exterminated, with no one left to commemorate and pray for them,” he said.

Kambanda emphasized the need to reflect and seek God’s help in overcoming evil, fostering healing and reconciliation, and allowing love and light to triumph over hatred and darkness within Rwandan communities.