Somalia: Somali Forces Advance On Key Central City Ahead of Planned Offensive

Elbur (Smn) — Fierce battles raged outside Elbur town as Somali forces pushed their advance on the eastern city with heavy shelling and infantry attacks, residents have said.

The situation in the key central city is “difficult” as SNA along with local clan militia forces continued to pummel the nearby areas with “intense shelling and storming actions.”

Elbur lies 360 Km North of Mogadishu, the Somali Capital. It’s a main Al-Shabaab stronghold in the Galgadud region but now faces a pending offensive from the Somali army.

It has been serving as an Al-Shabaab base for more than 15 years.

As the second phase of the military operation is set to start shortly, SNA and their allied clan fighters make military movement in several regions, where Al-Shabab has a presence.

The People have left the front lines in search of safety continue are still struggling to adapt to a new life elsewhere. Somalia is currently in the middle of a drought and climate crisis.

Since the launch of the war in August 2022, SNA and Ma’awisley cleared al Shabaab from multiple villages in fighting in central Somalia’s Galgadud, Mudug, and Hiran provinces.

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