Uganda: Govt Diverts Kenya Bound Empty Trucks to Lwakhakha

Government through the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and their counterparts in Kenya have gazetted Lwakhakha border as the main exit point for all empty cargo trucks crossing into Kenya.

The new development was communicated to all stakeholders in the transport and logistics sector including truck drivers and clearing agents involved in clearing empty trucks.

“URA and KRA Malaba OSBP management would like to guide all agents, transporters, drivers and all stakeholders involved in clearance of empty trucks that clearing of trucks shall be done following new conditions,” reads part of a joint statement seen by this website.

Authorities revealed that for a period of one month, clearance of empty trucks at Malaba OSBP will be done only between 12am to 7am with an aim of reducing congestion for transit cargo between Uganda and Kenya.

Well as no empty trucks will be allowed into the One Stop Border Point (OSBP), government said that the alternative route through Lwakhakha border remains open and operational 24/7 and it shall remain as the main exit point for empty trucks.

According to URA, an assessment report shall be compiled by stakeholders and shared with respective government agencies by June 15, for further guidance and decision making.

This order follows earlier protests this week by some clearing agents at the Malaba border point against the move by authorities, who claimed that the diversion had harmed their business and caused some to lose their jobs.

Meanwhile, truck drivers also expressed mixed reactions towards the diversion some saying that it has not eased the congestion at the Malaba border point caused by the clearing protocols at the Kenyan side.

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