Uganda: Speaker Among Wants Other East African Parliaments to Pass Law Against Homosexuality

The Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among has called upon her colleagues reigning over the different parliaments in East African states to support Uganda by taking on her example of passing the Anti-Gay Bill.

Among made the statements while attending the meeting with all speakers of parliament in EAC states which happened in Arusha, Tanzania.

Among attended the meeting via Zoom, urging the Speakers’ Bureau to support Uganda in fighting against homosexuality in the region.

“We recently passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill which is due for assent, we humbly request your support to identify with us to protect the morals, values and the generations to come,”

“We believe in our cultures and values of Uganda and we do legislate for the population and the people in Uganda,” she added.

Early this month, Parliament passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2023 with amendments to five clauses following proposals by President Yoweri Museveni.

While presiding over the House sitting, Speaker Anita Among commended the commitment of legislators in ensuring the protection of Uganda’s values and culture and urged them to stand firm on their decision.”I want to urge the Members of Parliament to remain steadfast. No amount of intimidation will make us retract what we have done. Handouts or small envelopes should not be the ones to destroy you. The Western World will not come and rule Uganda,” she said.

She urged the Attorney General to expeditiously present the Bill to the President for assent.

The President had expressed concerns that the law should be clear so that what is being criminalized is not the state of one having a deviant proclivity but rather the actions of one acting on the deviance or promoting the same.

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