Ethiopia: Jeju Coffee Farm Expresses Desire to Expand Research to Ethiopia’s Coffee Bean, Add Value

Addis Ababa — :- Jeju Coffee Farm CEO, Kim Young-han, also Known as “Coffee Virtuoso” of Jeju Island, expressed his strong desire to expand research to Ethiopia’s coffee bean and add value to it by producing beverage like “wine,” and making cosmetics from it.

Ethiopia’s ambassador to South Korea,Dessie Dalkie met with Kim Young-han, Jeju Coffee Farm CEO and explored the possibility of adding value to Ethiopian coffee beans.

Kim Young-han, referred to as the “Coffee Virtuoso” of Jeju Island by CNN, is a former Samsung Electronics executive who went into the coffee business after relocating to the island.

While he had succeeded in producing locally grown coffee & selling it at his cafe that was not the end of his experimentation. He started to use coffee cherry peel to make “wine” with volcanic bedrock water.

His latest endeavor is a line of natural cosmetics imbibed with rich antioxidants derived from coffee beans. “When I drink coffee, I am drinking my own creation” Kim Young-han noted during the discussion with the Ambassador.

He added, “I am very aware of the fact that Coffee from Ethiopia is renowned for its vibrant fruity and flowery characteristics.”

Kim Young-han has also expressed his strong desire to expand his research to Ethiopia’s coffee bean and add value to it by producing beverage like “wine,” and making cosmetics from it.

He requested the embassy to collaborate with him in order to increase the popularity of Ethiopian coffee.

Ambassador Dessie Dalkie said that Ethiopia is the birth place of the coffee bean and describe Ethiopian coffee as sweet like chocolate, fruity flavor and aromatic unlike any other coffee.

“Ethiopian coffee being superior quality, adding additional value could raise global demand for it. Hence, any effort of adding value to our magic bean, Ethiopian coffee is always welcomed,” he added.

The Ambassador affirmed to Kim Young-han that the embassy and the Ethiopian Government are ready to work closely with him in his effort to produce a product like “wine” out of Ethiopian coffee beans and other initiatives he will take to promote Ethiopian coffee and enhance its demand.

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