Kenya: DPP Launches Web System for Kenyans to Request Case Reviews

Nairobi — Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji has launched a digital platform for Kenyans to raise complaints and request case reviews online.

Speaking during the launch of the system at the Nairobi Remand, Industrial Area, Haji said the Malalamishi platform allows Kenyans to lodge a complaint of criminal nature with the ODPP and also anonymous reporting through the Complaints Module.

While stating that 35,000 pre-trial detention cases are set to be reviewed countrywide, he asserted that the online platform will give room for whistleblowers and make it easy to track the status of a complaint since a reference number is allocated.

“The ODPP today has availed a team of prosecutors to meet with the remandees and determine the way forward for resolving their cases, including the timing of prosecution and trial,” he said.

The initiative aims to alleviate the burden on petty offenders who often struggle to raise cash bail or pay alternative fines imposed by the courts.

Through the Malalamishi Case Review Module, members of the public can submit complaints or requests for case review.

“The system, available at malalamishi.prosecutions.go.ke, provides a platform for filling out complaint forms or case review forms and tracking their status securely online,” he said.

According to Haji, the digitisation of the process will save costs by eliminating the need for printing and provide seamless access to the system, which is available online 24/7.

“The digital system also enables real-time reporting and analytics, providing detailed information to support data-driven decision-making,” he said.

In March 2023, the State Department for Correctional Services had already released 7,281 petty offenders as part of an ongoing prison decongestion program.

The freed inmates engaged in community service nationwide,the objective of this initiative, as stated by the former Principal Secretary of the department, Mary Muthoni, is to offer these individuals a second chance and aid their reintegration into society.

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