Rwanda: EU Launch ‘Twinning Project’ Worth Rwf2 Billion

The ministry of health has welcomed the EU-funded project dubbed “Twinning project” to strengthen the Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority in regulating medicinal products including vaccines. The Ꞓ2milion (approx Rwf2.5billion) funding aims to promote drugs and food safety in Rwanda.

The project seeks to improve its laboratory services, enhancing its capacity for risk assessment, and promoting the use of international standards and best practices.

Dr. Yvan Butera, State Minister in the Ministry of Health said that as the government of Rwanda seeks to strengthen health systems at all levels of service delivery in order to ensure universal accessibility of equitable and affordable quality health services for all Rwandans, improved standards for vaccine production are needed.

“One of the country’s strategies to address this objective is to enhance the domestic value chain for pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturing, which requires strengthening the national regulatory framework,” he said, stressing the need for strengthening Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority’s regulatory functions related to medicinal products including vaccines.

The project also looks at Strengthening of market surveillance and control function – vigilance and laboratory testing functions as well as supporting the establishment of the official batch release function for vaccines.

“This is a major step toward realizing the country’s goals of ensuring equitable and affordable access to quality health services for all Rwandans through quality regulation of medical products,” the Minister of state said.