Tanzania: Road Safety Infrastructure to Save Children in Three Schools

Tanga — TANGA Region has commenced the construction of a road safety infrastructure that will benefit over 5,600 pupils of three primary schools in Duga Ward.

The project will benefit Majengo, Shaaban Robert, and Mabawa schools, as well as all other road users at Majengo B, Duga Ward.

Tanga City Mayor Abdulrahaman Shiloo officiated the launching over the weekend.

Amend, a global organisation dedicated to saving children’s lives by improving road safety, is implementing the project through its School Area Road Safety Assessment and Improvement (SARSAI) programme.

Mayor Shiloo commended Amend for being a key player in the development of the city by creating an environment that is friendlier to children.

“They are assisting in a very important issue by supplementing efforts in critical forgotten areas, our children’s safety,” he said.

He railed against the practice of two or more children riding on one bike, saying that parents should avoid becoming the source of their children’s misery.

“Let us consider it for the sake of our children’s safety. We are not prepared to create a nation of amputees,” he said.

Tanga Regional Traffic Officer (RTO) Willy Mwamasika, warned that traffic police officers will not be lenient on those who break traffic rules and endanger the lives of other people, especially children.

“It’s imperative that drivers understand the importance of following traffic rules to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. The authorities will not hesitate to take strict action against those who disregard the law,” he warned.