Uganda: NRM Leaders Tasked to Ensure That Museveni Wins in Kampala

Rosemary Seninde has said all leaders in the party to unite and work together to ensure that president Museveni wins in Kampala in 2026.

Seninde, who is the the Director of Mobilisation at the National Resistance Movement (NRM), secretariat made the remarks while speaking to the party leaders and supporters from Kawempe Division at Makerere University Primary school.

The move comes as the party kicks off its mobilisation tour in a bid to awaken the spirit of its leaders and supporters at the grass root level.

Seninde said they have embarked on a grand campaign of identifying issues affecting ordinary people and solving them as a strategy for winning support.

“NRM is a mass party that can achieve anything including winning every electoral position, and so, there is no reason we should be challenged in Kampala if we remain united and steadfast,” Seninde said.

She explained that the party is keenly monitoring the implementation of its manifesto to ensure that there is effective service delivery and improvement in the lives of ordinary people especially those still trapped in the subsistence economy of working for the stomach alone.

“We intend to cooperate with you leaders at all levels to ensure that government programmes like the parish development model, Emyooga among others are accessed, understood and embraced by intended beneficiaries. We don’t want to leave anyone behind in development,” Seninde said.

She noted that the party national chairman President Museveni guided all leaders to adopt the strategy of providing solutions to people’s challenges instead of sloganeering.

“It is the reason we are here,” Seninde told the leaders, committing to keep engaging party supporters and the general public to ensure that government programs are inclusive and that they leave no one behind.

“We can no longer sit and wait to mobilise during elections. We shall reach out to everyone in the country,” Seninde stated.

Samuel Eyenga, the senior manager for mobilisation, asked NRM supporters to back party flag bearers during elections for effective accountability.

“The NRM supporters in Kawempe and Kampala have nobody to ask about government programs because they voted wrongly. I ask you to wisely choose leaders in the next cycle that will be accountable to you,” said Eyenga.

The senior manager of communication at the NRM Secretariat, Rogers Mulindwa asked for reconciliation and forgiveness of members who may have conflicted in the elections for the common good of the party.