Uganda: Cartoonist Spire Worried for His Life After Exposing Government Failures On Social Media

Cartoonist Jimmy Spire Ssentongo has expressed worry over his life following a successful spell of social media exhibitions against government institutions.

Spire, a self-proclaimed campaigner for social justice has been using the Twitter social media platform to highlight the plight of Uganda government institutions for correction.

Spire started with an exhibition highlighting the unpalatable state of the roads in Kampala City, he then started another exhibition exposing the poor state of Uganda’s hospitals and medical centres, before finally co-exposing the sorry state of Uganda’s security personnel.

However, on Wednesday, just two days into the security exhibition, Spire hinted at “evil plans aimed at me,” citing that he would be going silent on the campaign and hoping in future, his works will be taken up by others.

I’m aware of evil plans aimed at me. Well, I’ve made my humble contribution. I hope this country traces its soul. I hope a time comes when we ask ourselves: Is this the best we can be? I leave now…” he wrote.

Spire expressed the resolve that not everyone would be silenced in the end because he and others are only alarm bells which can be easily silenced, but a time will come when snakes arrive in silence.

Replying to Spire, the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party urged him to stand up and have his voice registered on the Richter scale.

“Oppressors stifle the voices of freedom because oppression can only thrive where there is silence,” FDC said in a statement.

Opposition strongman Dr Kizza Besigye encouraged Spire, advising him that leaving the stage would not take away the “evil plans”.

“I can imagine what’s going on around you. However, leaving will not take away the “evil plans”! You’re safer keeping your guard up- fighting to get rid of the source of “evil plans”!”

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