Rwanda: Kigali Needs 18,000 Affordable Houses Annually

The City of Kigali needs to build 18,000 affordable houses per year in order to meet accommodation demand from its residents, its Mayor Pudence Rubingisa has said.

He however indicated that only 1,800 affordable houses were built in the last three years. Such data imply that only 600 affordable houses were built per year, representing a mere 3.3 per cent of the 18,000 that should be put up annually.

Rubingisa made the disclosure on Thursday, May 25, during a session with the Lower House’s Committee on Land, Agriculture, Livestock, and Environment.

The session was looking at impediments to the affordable housing programme in the country.

Meanwhile, the Mayor said that there are about 7,500 houses still under construction.

“I would say that we have a huge demand; we have to build 18,000 every year,” he said, indicating that there is a need for public-private partnerships as well as technologies that can contribute to fast-tracking the construction of many affordable houses in an efficient way.

He was responding to MP Jean-Pierre Hindura, who wanted to know the number of affordable houses that the City of Kigali has to build per year, with a view to meeting the demand.

Hindura said that the demand for housing in the City of Kigali seems to increase further because of the influx of people who come from other parts of the country in search of livelihoods – and those people do not own houses in the City.