Tanzania: How PEPFAR Brings New Dawn in Fight Against HIV

Mbarali — AS the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) marks its 20 years of commitment in fighting HIV/AIDS in Tanzania, beneficiaries recount positive impacts as they live happy lives.

Great strides are evident on the way people behave, making sure they follow directives by medical practitioners in order to either reduce HIV transmission or avoid contracting the virus.

Speaking recently at Rujewa area, Mbarali District, Mbeya Region, Dr Alick Kayange – Senior Prevention Advisor – US Embassy – Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Department of Defence said that the US Government through PEPFAR makes sure Tanzania has all devices in hospitals and health centres for medical treatment.

Dr Kayange noted that under the programme, another aspect is to ensure availability of drugs needed for clients and babies born free of HIV, being among the success stories in Mbarali and the country as a whole.

Medical practitioners are being trained so as to offer quality services, while state-of-the-art laboratories have been brought in the country for quality to measure viral loads, the biggest of the abs being in Mbeya region.

“This is a success story; PEPFAR makes sure that we have all devices needed at hospital, health service givers are also trained for quality services. The laboratories have very high capacity and issue accurate results regarding HIV. Tanzania and the US governments work closely to ensure on daily basis there is no breakdown in service delivery,” said Dr Kayanga.