Uganda: Jose Chameleone to Headline Trip As Travel Enthusiasts Quench Thirst for Adventure in Northern Uganda

At the start of next month, all eyes will be in Northern Uganda as the ‘Explore North’ a domestic tourism drive takes centre stage.

Scheduled for May 30 to June, 3, it will be a beehive of activities as travel enthusiasts quench their thirst with unique and rich experiences that Northern Uganda has to offer including Karuma dam, Murchison Falls, Murchison Falls National Park, Fort Patiko, Aruu Falls as well as the dance, food and history that form a rich cultural experience of the people of Northern Uganda.

Speaking during the launch of the Explore North campaign, the state minister for tourism, Martin Mugarra said this is yet another opportunity to cast the light onto the northern part of the country as one of the ways to encourage domestic tourism, discover new itineraries but also grow the tourism numbers.

“Tourism was the biggest sector prior to Covid brining in the highest amounts of foreign exchange into the country. After Covid, we realized the need to push the drive for marketing Uganda for the domestic market. Such drives like the Explore North will help us increase the numbers of domestic tourists but also help us cast the spotlight onto our tourist attractions. Having Ugandans travel will help us have a more resilient tourism sector,” Mugarra said.

He explained that prior to Covid, the number of Ugandans visiting the local tourism sites were a few but noted this has improved greatly with the latest domestic tourism drives around the country.

“Prior to Covid, the number of Ugandans that were visiting all the tourist sites in the country were around 132,000 but by the end of last year, we had around 890,000 Ugandans visiting the same sites. You can see it is a huge jump and we hope by the end of this year, we hit one million.”

The minister said the drives are not about visiting national parks but rather everything to do with tour and travel.

“We go above game drives with a mixture of food, culture and everything there is to visit. We want to show people that this is their country, they should travel, talk good about it but also know that is employs many Ugandans. It should be supported through travel and visits. First of all you are having fun, learning but above all giving employment to many people who are working in the industry and the local communities,” Mugarra said.

Daniel Irunga, the senior marketing officer at the Uganda Tourism Board said by exploring the different parts of the country of the tourist attracts there in, Uganda’s tourism will be promoted.