Uganda: Museveni Puts Kusasira in Her Place As She Begs for Meeting

Presidential advisor on Kampala Affairs Catherine Kusasira was Wednesday humiliated as she complained about not being able to meet President Museveni.

The was during President Yoweri Museveni’s tour in Greater Masaka.

Upon being given an opportunity to pass on her message, the singer thanked Museveni for appointing her presidential advisor, but said she had personal complaints she wanted addressed by the President.

Kusasira, who claimed she had created over 30,000 jobs for the youth, said she was not happy because she was being blocked from meeting Museveni even though she is a presidential advisor.

“I have created 30,000 jobs for the youth. I even sent the report to you. I thank you very much because you have supported us, but I have a complaint, personally, that as a presidential advisor, I cannot access you,” Kusasira said.

Museveni interrupted her speech and promised that he would arrange a meeting with her mid June.

However, Kusasira who seemed unsatisfied with the president’s promise continued to air out more grievances, much to Museveni’s annoyance.

Shortly afterwards, Kusasira’s speech was cut short as Museveni asked her to let the less privileged also talk.

“You’re well off, let the less privileged also get a chance to talk. This woman (Kusasira) is rich,” Museveni jokingly said.

Immediately, the microphone was taken from her by the organisers.

Meanwhile, the President promised to give the public a toll free number to State House for them to register their complaints.

“The number will be read across all radio stations. Whoever has any complaint about corruption, they can call on that number.” Museveni said.

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