Ethiopia: Two Killed, Dozens Injured in Police Crackdown Against Protest By Muslims in Addis Abeba – More Than 100 People Detained

Addis Abeba — President of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs of Ethiopia, Sheikh Hajj Ibrahim Tufa, and the leaders of the Majlis visited injured victims at the Black Lion Hospital this morning.

At least two civilians were killed yesterday and more than 40 people, including police officers and different police backup forces, suffered minor and serious injuries during police crackdown against Muslim protesters in and around the Grand Anuwar Mosque in the capital Addis Abeba on Friday afternoon.

The protests broke out Friday after prayer hours by the Muslim community in the city against the demolition of Mosques in the newly formed Shaggar city, which was formerly known as Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Finfinne. The protesters demanded an end to the demolition of mosques in the Shaggar city.

On 23 May the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs of the Oromia Regional State said 19 Mosques were illegally demolished in Shaggar city alone & urged the regional government to immediately stop the demolitions and return to resolving the problem through dialogue. earlier, the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs of Ethiopia has sent a letter to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed seeking an end to the demolitions and a solution to the problem.

According to a statement released by the Addis Abeba Police last night, the two victims died after “being sent to the hospital for treatment.” The statement didn’t mention if the two victims were killed by the police. The victims are identified by Jeilu TV as Siraj Mohammed and Abubeker Elias, both residents of the city.