Uganda: Speaker Among Becomes First Victim As U.S. Govt Revokes Her Visa Over Anti-Homosexuality Law

The United States government has revoked the visa for Speaker to Parliament, Anita Among over the passing and subsequent passing of the Anti Homosexuality law.

The mover of the bill in parliament and Bugiri Municipality MP, Asuman Basaalirwa told journalists on Monday.

“The Speaker’s visas for America have been cancelled. This is also confirmed (by) this email from the US Embassy. It goes, Dear Madam Speaker, the United State government has revoked your current visas on information that came available after your last issuance,” Basaalirwa said while reading an email from the US embassy to Speaker Among.

“As of May, 12, 2023, you don’t possess a valid travel visa to the US though you are welcome to apply again. Forward your passport to the embassy through Ministry of Finance so that we can make necessary modifications to your visas. “

Basaalirwa insisted that Among has become the first victim of the Anti Homosexuality bill passed by parliament and has since been signed into law by President Museveni.

He said he too could have been targeted by the US government but noted that his visa was not found anywhere ,adding that they will not be shaken by the visa cancellations.

“You will cancel our visas and by the way it is your right. For me I have no problem with the way a country manages their affairs. If in their wisdom and democracy they don’t want us into their countries, I will not complain. It means my only problem with those people is single picking.”