Rwandan Hairstylist Scoops U.S. ‘Barber Grammy’ for Content Creator of the Year

In the Fast paced, digital world of content creation, where every detail counts, one man stands out as the go-to hairstylist. Martin Safari, known commonly as Safro Fades, won a ‘Barber Grammy’ for Content Creator of the Year 2023, being the first winner from Africa to get the award. The event was held at the Mohegan Sun (casino and resort), in Connecticut, USA.

The annual competition is meant for barbers across the world, where they are nominated, submitted, reviewed, and vetted for authenticity and accuracy in their videos.

With a keen eye for hair cutting styles and impeccable attention to detail, Safari’s skills caught the attention of many through his creative skits in which he uses all sorts of tools, such as hammers, knives, pliers, etc., to act out cutting and styling clients’ hair.

The 23-year-old mobile barber, in an interview with The New Times, is on the road to revolutionise the way content creators present themselves to the world. He talks about breaking barriers and redefining the boundaries of the industry.

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How does it feel to receive such recognition for your innovative haircutting style?

It is truly an honour and dream come true. I just applied for the ‘Grammy’ and submitted my content but never knew I would make it, in a room full of great barbers across the world, but this shows that anything is possible.

Tell us the process behind creating award-winning content?

Don’t try to be like everyone else; we all have ideas, but we don’t want to express them for fear of being judged. Those ideas are what make us different from others.

How do you think winning a ‘Barber Grammy’ will impact your career and personal life?

It is a big honour, as my name was mentioned in the room of the biggest barbers, from which I gained many followers across the world. I cannot be unemployed due to the connections I have made.

For instance, I am expected to be a judge for the ‘Battle of the Barbers Africa’ next month in Cameroon, which gives me hope. It will always provide me with a positive and productive connection.

What are some of the challenges you faced while creating captivating content beyond the barber’s chair?