Uganda: Aviation Authority Tips Public Relations Practitioners On Managing Crises

Members of the Public Relations Association of Uganda(PRAU) have visited Entebbe International Airport in a bid to benchmark best practices and how the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority has handled the various crises.

Led by their president Tina Wamala, the public relations practitioners interacted with UCAA’s public affairs department on how it managed the recent crisis on social media by members of the public regarding service delivery at the country’s only international airport.

Speaking to the PRAU members, UCAA Public Affairs manager, Vianney Luggya told the group that communicating is key in managing any crisis.

“Taking action, communicating consistently and in a timely manner, engaging stakeholders, and a post crisis analysis of what was done well and what went wrong for better management in future are key in managing in crisis,” Luggya said.


Earlier this year, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority was embroiled in a crisis that threatened the jobs of several officials after members of the public took to social media to accuse some of them of extortion.

Many travelers said they had been asked as much as $1000 to be allowed onto flights whose tickets they already had.

Speaking to PRAU members, the UCAA spokesperson said this crisis was handled in a professional manner that saw them overcome it.

“One of the key issues that helped us deal with it was acknowledging the feedback, which created empathy. Honestly communicating the measures put in place, flexibility in changing tactics and getting the necessary support from key stakeholders at all levels was also important in managing this crisis.”